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The Hellbender Symposium Series was first held in 2003 in Helen, GA.  The meeting was organized by Jeff Humphries, the keeper of the Hellbender Homepage.  Presentations were made by researchers from throughout the range of the hellbender, as well as from Japan, the range of the Japanese Hellbender. 

It was decided that the group of researchers would meet every two years and plans were made to meet within the range of the Ozark Hellbender in Arkansas.  The second event was held on 19-22 June 2005 at Lake View, AR on the scenic White River, which ultimately drains all the known Ozark hellbender rivers.  It was a great success with most of the participants from first symposium attending as well as many new participants.  The 2nd Hellbender Symposium was commemorated by a hellbender t-shirt drawn by Marty Capron.

Symposium Links

2007 Hellbender Symposium (Wheeling, WV)

2005 Hellbender Symposium (Lakeview, AR)

2003 Hellbender Symposium (Helen, GA)


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